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July kudos 2                        Better than false lashes

Ladies, I am here to tell you that if have every questioned or wondered about Younique makeup, you just need to try this. This makeup makes your skin look flawless without clogging your pores which results in breakouts. It’s natural ingredients are actually good for your skin. It’s long lasting (seriously, all day long without a touchup). The lip gloss plumps your lips without making them look fake and the shine is amazing. There is a shade for every one and every occasion. You can get all the brushes and makeup tools needed from Younique as well so there is no guesswork. The eyeliners glide on for a perfect liner definition.

Now, let’s talk about my favorite Younique product; the amazing 4D mascara! It is a two step process but most women use two coats of mascara anyway! This all natural fiber mascara will not harm your natural lashes, it is easy to apply and easy to remove, yet is water and tear proof! It will extend your lashes up to 400 times their natural length! And it is only $29 and will last you for two months! Can’t beat that!

This is the newest makeup craze! Women with all skin types are trying it and not going back. Now is the time to get on the Younique train!!