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Yes, Moms. It’s that time of the year again. No more getting fussy kids up for school, getting there on time and many hours of car line. It’s finally here…..summertime! If we are so excited for them to go back to school then why is it we are so happy when they are getting off for summer? Maybe, it really is getting them up on Monday morning or the inconvenience of car pool, field trips, class parties, and homework. Maybe, it’s the school zones or the last minute projects. Whatever it is, we long for summer and what we call a “break”.

Well, careful what you wish for. With this summer “break” comes higher electricity bills from the television constantly running and the air condition freezing the house like Alaska; not to mention the doubling or tripling of the food bill because they snack all day long. Then, it’s the famous complaint: “I’m bored”. So, off to summer camp they go so they are not bored anymore and there goes your secret stash that you used to pamper yourself with your favorite Younique makeup. At least while they are in school you actually had time to take a shower, get dressed, get your Younique makeup and put it on in peace in quiet without interruptions. This probably sounds like the rant of an exhausted Mom. But, wait! Here comes the message. Seems that we keep “wishing” for the next step and all we seem to be doing is wishing time to go by. As a Mom of two college students, believe me, they grow up fast and the nest gets empty fast.

Take some time to pamper yourself with your Younique makeup and take the time to enjoy your children too. You CAN have it all. We just have to stop wishing the time away and sets