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Long lashes Summertime can be stressful for us women. Depending on where you live, summer heat can be a scorcher that causes your mascara to run and make you miserable. That is one of the main reasons Younique mascara is the best! One application will last you all day until you take it off. It won’t run and cause those dreaded black under eyes. Another bonus of this amazing mascara is that it lengthens your lashes like 4D (yes 4D, not 3D)! A simple application can make your lashes longer and fuller without messy glue and the risk of ruining your own natural lashes. Younique mascara is made from natural fibers that stick to your own lashes and makes your eyes look bigger! This mascara is very popular with women who work outdoors and athletes. Swimmers absolutely love using this mascara!

As simple as it is to apply, it’s just as simple to remove. Soap and water and presto!…mascara is removed and ready for the next day. Biggest bonus is the price point. $29 and it will last you three months. No more visits to the store. Just click here and order and you’re done.

Find out what everyone is bragging about. It can’t hurt. If you don’t like it then send it back. But I guarantee you will absolutely LOVE it!